Elizabeth Seymour, an exhibiting artist in Marin County, is drawn towards figurative work in the forms of sculpture, charcoal drawings, and painting with pastels. At the turn of the millennium, she began deepening her knowledge through studies at both College of Marin and Indian Valley Campus.

Her deep intuitive knowing of the figure comes from personal experience of working on thousands of bodies in her private practice as a Holistic Health Facilitator since 1989. She combines Conscious Bodywork with a facilitation of deeper healing between the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and Spirit.

For this artist, being able to feel the form through touch feels like a natural expression through the mediums of clay, charcoal, and pastel. The many choices of color are extensions of the feelings being expressed by the model interacting with the artists experience of how to convey those feelings. The sensuous flow of lines, the spaces those lines create, the edge of form — both inner and outer, the accentuation of light, and the colors are always a sensory delight celebrating the human figure.

Elizabeth believes it is the human condition to want to see some aspect of self reflected back to us from another, in order to be seen and to know ourselves. If a work of Art or a Sculpting stirs something inside you, she believes this awakening is one of the great gifts of Art. Be it beauty of form, a color, some emotion that is evoked which feels uplifting or uncomfortable… this artist wants to know what moves you, what speaks to you, and why.